Resort Rules and Policies

Payment Policy: All payments will be charged in full at the time reservation is made. No refunds for early checkout. No refunds due to the weather. Monthly Reservations will also include a $100 electric deposit. Any deposit remaining after the final electric bill has been paid will be refunded.

Site Location: We are happy to take your requests for specific site numbers and will attempt to honor them. At no time, however, our site requests are guaranteed.

RV Site Check-In Time is 1:00 pm. If an RV site is available before check-in time, one may arrive earlier. There will be a $10 fee for early arrivals.

Cabins Check-In Time is 3:00 pm.

RV Site Check-Out Time is 11:00 am. If an RV site is available after check-out time, one may stay later. There will be a $10 fee for late check-out. If staying later than 3 pm, the charge is equal to a 1-night stay.

Wristbands: During summer, wristbands must be worn at all times. Lost wristbands may be replaced for $5 at the office. Torn or damaged wristbands will be replaced at no charge.

Grass Mats: Grass mats are not allowed.

Tents: No Tents are allowed.

Pets: We love pets too. But some pet owners give their pets a bad reputation by not taking proper care of them. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. All animals are to be kept inside at night and are never to be left unattended. You are solely responsible for picking up after your pets. No pets in restrooms and/or showers, or the main building. Any aggressive animals and Pit Bulls will be removed from the premises. Northshore RV Resort and Marina has full discretion when any determination is made.

Parking: Parking is limited. Vehicles may only be parked at the site (on the pad). No parking on roadways or on the grass. Please see the office regarding parking any vehicles that will not fit on your site. Parking in vacant RV sites without management approval will result in a charge equal to the rate that is assigned to that site.

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. Please be courteous to other guests around you. Loud objectionable noise is not allowed at any time. Inconsiderate guests will be asked to leave.

Site Inspections: Management conducts inspections of all sites. Please note the following rules for outdoor areas of your site: Outside water heaters, refrigerators, permanent furniture, messy children’s toys, indoor carpet, or “For Sale” signs are not allowed. Unsafe, cluttered, or unsightly RV sites will not be tolerated. We work hard to maintain a beautiful environment for all to enjoy. Please help us keep it that way.

Children: Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Please accompany all children under the age of 12 years using the bathroom and laundry area. Parents are financially responsible for any damages incurred by the children.

BBQ Grills: BBQ Grills are permitted at campsites.

Campfires: Campfires are allowed in the large fire pit located near the pavilion on the waterfront. You are responsible for any injury or property damage. Northshore Resort assumes no liability for any accidents, injuries, or damages incurred. Campfires are only allowed in fire rings so they do not get out of control. Fires must be extinguished before retiring.

Vehicles: Each site comes with one vehicle pass. Observe the speed limit as posted and working on vehicles is prohibited. All vehicles must either be parked in your assigned space (on concrete, not in grass) or designated parking areas. No parking on streets, landscaped areas, lawns, or empty spaces. Anyone operating a motor vehicle must have a valid driver’s license. A licensed adult must operate any type of motored vehicle.

Boats: Register your boat with the office upon check-in. Boats must either be parked in your assigned space or designated parking areas. Once your boat is registered, use of the boat launch ramp is included for the duration of your stay in the RV Resort.

Facility Information

Non-Smoking: Northshore RV Resort and Marina endorses a clean, healthy environment. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any building on the property, including all restrooms, offices, and meeting facilities.

Mail: We will receive incoming mail at the mail office for registered RV guests. Please check with the office to receive mail.

Laundry Facilities: Coin-operated laundry machines are available in the clubhouse area. You will receive the code to the combination lock for the clubhouse upon check-in. These facilities are available at any time.

Guests: All guests to your RV site must register with the office upon their arrival. They will receive a visitor’s pass and must park in the visitor parking area or on your site.

Restrooms: You will receive the code to the combination lock upon check-in. These facilities are available at any time.

RV Washing: Please check with the office for current rules.

Television: A listing of television channels will be provided at check-in.


Wireless Internet: Wireless internet is provided free of charge. Log onto Northshore Free Wifi. The password is located on the sitemap page guide provided.

Cable TV: Cable TV is provided free of charge. Make sure your television is on cable, not satellite or antenna. Make sure your boosters are off.

Sewer: There will be water standing in sewer pipes. We have installed P-traps to reduce odor.

Fishing: For your information on fishing licenses and regulations, visit: